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The Muslim Jewish Forum of Greater Manchester
Established to develop the cultural and social ties between the Muslim and Jewish Communities of Greater Manchester

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Sunday 15 March - visiting mosque and synagogue in Liverpool.

Sunday 7 March - 10'th Anniversary Celebratory Dinner

Sunday 30 August - Forum Picnic

Sunday 6 September - Asian Meal (vegetarian)

Thursday 8 October - "Loose Lawyers" Panel Event

Why this Forum was created

Islam and Judaism are closer to each other than any other two religions. However many Muslims and Jews grow up in Britain knowing little about the other community. In 2004 a group of us decided that, even if we couldn’t change the world, we could do something to bring the two communities together locally, and set up the Muslim Jewish Forum of Greater Manchester.

Our mission is:

“To educate members of the Muslim and Jewish Communities in relation to their shared values and common Abrahamic tradition, heritage, history and culture; and to promote better understanding within the wider community of our common interests and values.”

There are two main reasons for doing this

  1. Muslims and Jews have many common interests which are better pursued if we act together. Some are listed below.
  2. Learning more about each other, and making new friendships, enriches us as individuals as well as making our city a better place.

Some common interests of Muslims and Jews

Some of the things we have done

We engage in practical activities to increase mutual understanding which participants enjoy. These are often educational, but whatever we do needs to be enjoyable, as otherwise people won’t come! Some examples are:

Our annual accounts, give full details of the events organised in each year.

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We welcome new members. You can download a membership form from the "Join us" page.

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