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Established to develop the cultural and social ties between the Muslim and Jewish communities of Greater Manchester

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Mohammed Amin's lecture on Muslim Jewish relations in the UK

Delivered 16 June 2016. Posted here 27 June 2016.

Finchley Progressive Synagogue, London recently asked our Co-Chair Mohammed Amin to speak on Muslim Jewish relations in the UK. The video below comprises the 51 minute sound recording of his talk plus the slides he used.

The talk was prepared to address the following synopsis:

Presentation video

Other resources

The following items give additional details regarding parts of the lecture, and some of them were mentioned specifically during the talk:

Facts about and common interests of Muslim and Jews in the UK

Powerful or powerless? It is a choice. This was written by Amin in March 2010 at which time there were only four Muslim MPs and 52 Jewish MPs.

The Muslim Jewish Forum of Greater Manchester Declaration of Principles is set out on our website.

The relative theological closeness of the Abrahamic faiths

Triangulating the Abrahamic faiths – measuring the closeness of Judaism, Christianity and Islam expands on the points Amin made during the talk.

Relative willingness to dialogue

A comparison of British Muslims' and Jews' engagement in interfaith dialogue - an article Amin wrote for Jewish News in August 2015.

Lessons from seven years of Muslim Jewish dialogue in Manchester - This was the Peter Bell Memorial Lecture in Leeds given jointly by Mohammed Amin and David Berkley QC on 20 March 2013.

Why tensions between British Muslims and Jews?

Advocating Israel to Muslims - Amin's presentation at "The Big Tent for Israel" event on 27 November 2011.

Review of "Islamic Law - Theory and Interpretation" by Michael Mumisa This has a section "Can one deviate from the actual text of the Quran?" where Mumisa explains the point which led to the item on slide 24 "Caliph Umar deviated from Prophet’s practice and from Quranic text."

Review of "A Textbook of Hadith Studies: Authenticity, Compilation, Classification and Criticism of Hadith" by Mohammad Hashim Kamali

The Muslim Jewish Forum of Greater Manchester

The Forum's listing of past events

Our petition to preserve religious slaughter in the UK and EU

How this lecture came about

The way Amin came to be giving the lecture illustrates the importance of individuals taking action to make our world better, whether that action is large or small.

As explained on the page "Sharing a country with adherents of other religions or none" he was asked to contribute an article to the Winter 2015/16 edition of "Common Ground", the magazine of the Council of Christians and Jews (CCJ). An 89 year old Jewish member of the CCJ was struck by the article when he read it, and asked the CCJ for Amin's contact details.

Quite properly, the CCJ requested Amin's permission before passing on his contact details, and he readily assented. The individual rang Amin, and asked if he would speak at the individual's synagogue. Once Amin agreed the individual put him in touch with the Vice-Chair of Finchley Progressive Synagogue, and by email they agreed a date and subject.



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The Muslim Jewish Forum of Greater Manchester
Established to develop the cultural and social ties between the Muslim and Jewish Communities of Greater Manchester

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